Officially, RUNEGOLD is now DNDGOLD. Thank you for understanding.

OSRS What should I do after buying a Bond?

When you’ve used your first Bond in OSRS, you’ll have a ton of different things to explore! The game has so much more content waiting for you when you become a Member compared to F2P.  


The first thing I would do is buying Teleport Tabs, Rings of Dueling, Amulet of Glory, and Stamina potions. It may cost you a bit of GP but don’t worry, you will be able to make a lot more GP in Member’s Worlds compared to in F2P.


You’ll have a ton of quests unlocked which you should start doing right away, it may seem boring to do quests as soon as you become a Member, but trust me the quests in P2P are a lot more interesting compared to quests in F2P.

I would recommend you to complete the following quests which will give you a lot of XP in your Combat skills:

  • The Waterfall Quest
  • The Fight Arena Quest
  • Tree Gnome Village Quest
  • The Grand Tree Quest

Graceful Outfit

After you’ve done a few quests, I highly recommend starting to train your Agility Level. You’ll run a lot in the game when you are for example doing quests. When you’re having full Graceful Outfit, your energy will restore 30% faster compared to when you don’t wear the full Graceful Outfit.

I would almost say that Graceful is a must-have if you’re planning to play OSRS a lot. It will help you a lot in the future and make it a lot more efficient. It also saves you a lot of GP since you don’t have to buy as much Stamina Potions as you otherwise would have done.

You get yourself a Graceful Outfit by collecting Marks of Grace which drops on the roofs when you’re doing Rooftop Agility. When you’ve reached Level-30 Agility, you should switch to the Rooftop course located in Canifis since it’s a great rooftop when it comes to collecting Marks of Grace. It’s a lot more common to get Marks of Grace in Canifis compared to for example Draynor and Varrock.

Make sure you update your armour!

When becoming a Member, you’ll have access to a lot more gear compared to F2P. If you are using Rune Armour, your next step will be Granite Armour when you’ve reached Level-50 Defence. It’s not that expensive and is worth switching to from Rune. When you update to the best possible gear, you’ll not take as much damage and you will hit higher damage more frequently on monsters.

When you’ve reached Level-70 Defence I highly recommend switching to Barrows Armour, such as Dharok’s or Torag’s. I recommend using an Abyssal Whip with Barrows Armour.

Start training Slayer early

I highly recommend starting to train Slayer before you get yourself a high-level in Combat skills. I’d recommend that you stay at the Sand Crabs located at the beach in Hosidius until you’re Level-60 Strength, Attack and Defence.

When you’re Level-60 in each of every combat skill, you should start to get assigned Slayer tasks. I would recommend going to the Slayer Master Vannaka located in the Edgeville dungeon where you can find for example Chaos Druids. You don’t want to have a high-level Combat with a low level in Slayer, otherwise, you’ll be maxed in your Combat skills before you’re done with 99 Slayer, making it a lot less efficient in the long run. 

Slayer also unlocks a ton of content! You’ll be able to kill more different types of monsters the higher level you reach. One classic example is the Abyssal Demon which has a chance to drop an Abyssal Whip. 

Invest in your house by training Construction

Training your Construction will give you the ability to for example build teleports when you reach Level-50 Construction. It’s one of the most expensive skills to train but also the skill that gives you the best benefits in the game since your house can help you in so many areas of the game!

Some of the most useful things you can do in your house are:

  • Create a Fairy Ring
  • Plant a Spirit Tree
  • Make a Restoring Pool which will restore everything for you, such as your Prayer, Hitpoints, Run Energy, and your Special Attack.
  • Repair Armour

And a lot more, there are so many things you can do with your house!