Officially, RUNEGOLD is now DNDGOLD. Thank you for understanding.

OSRS Mort Myre Fungus Guide

In today’s post, we will be covering a guide on how to make up to approximately 550.000 GP / Hour by collecting Mort Myre Fungus.


You’ll have to complete the following quests:

  • Priest in Peril
  • Nature Spirit


  • Silver Sickle (You’ll get one after completing the quest Nature Spirit.
  • Morytania Legs 3 or 4 (Not a requirement but highly recommended since it will make it possible for you to get the double amount of Mort Myre Fungus per hour)
  • Teleport to House Tab / Runes in a Rune Pouch
  • Full Graceful Outfit (Optional but highly recommended)
  • Ardougne Cloak and a Ring of Dueling for Method Number  #2

How to get to the Mort Myre Fungus spot

Method Number #1

You’ll use the Kharyrll teleport in your house which will teleport you to Canifis. This requires you Level-50 Construction. If you for some reason don’t want to get your Construction to Level-50, you can use other people’s houses at Rimmington in World 330.

You simply just enter one of the houses that’s being advertised and they will almost always have the teleport as well as the Chapel which restores your Prayer.

Method Number #2

You can also get to the Mort Myre Fungus by teleporting to the Salve Graveyard. This requires you to have Level-40 Magic and having at least 60% Arceuus Favour which is required for having access to the Arceuus Spellbook.

When your inventory is full of Mort Myre Fungus, teleport to the Castle Wars by using your Ring of Dueling. Teleport to the Kandarin Monastery by using your Ardougne Cloak and restore your Prayer at the altar. When you’ve done that, teleport to the Salve Graveyard again.