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OSRS Crazy Archaeologist Guide

You’ll be able to find the Level-204 Crazy Archaeologist in Level-24 Wilderness, south of the Forgotten Cemetery. He’s located in a multi-zone in Wilderness so be careful with teams that are searching for players to kill! 

If you’ve completed the quest Desert Treasure, you’ll have access to the Dareyaak Teleport which will get you directly to the monster. This requires you to be Level-78 Magic. You can also get there with a Burning Amulet by teleporting to the Bandit Camp, you will then have to walk to the monster which will take some time.

It’s highly recommended to have at least Level-75 Magic as well as a minimum of Level-40 Prayer. You’ll be using Magic on him since he’s weak to Magic spells.

Recommended Magic Gear 

  • Armour: Monk’s Robe
  • Weapon: Trident of the Swamp
  • Helmet: Helm of Neitiznot
  • Amulet: Occult Necklace
  • Cape: God Cape
  • Shield: Zamorak Godbook
  • Boots: Mystic Boots

How to kill the Crazy Archaeologist

When you’re attacking the monster, you’ll always be praying Ranged since he can hit you quite a lot if you’re not using the prayer Protect from Ranged. He won’t really take any of your Hitpoints as you’re using your Prayer. Make sure you bring a decent amount of Prayer Potions depending on how high your Prayer Level is.

You should focus and watch out for when he says ” Rain of Knowledge!”

When he says that, he’ll throw explosive books at you. You’ll need to run away a few steps from where you stand in time to avoid the explosive books to hit you. If they do hit you, you will lose approximately 20 Hitpoints.

 It’s not the end of the world if you miss it, but it’s worth keeping an eye on since you’ll prefer having enough food if a team will start to attack you.