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OSRS Corporeal Beast Guide

The Level-785 Corporeal Beast can be found in Wilderness. When you’re going to Corporeal Beast, you should always use the Games Necklace teleport to since it eliminates the risk of getting killed by a player since you’re in a safe spot when you teleport to Corporeal Beast. 

When you’re gonna attempt to fight the Corporeal Beast, you’ll need a bunch of extra players as it’s way too hard to kill on your own. Doing bosses with friends is always a lot more fun anyway, trust me!

The most common strategy when it comes to fighting the Corporeal Beast is to rely on your special attacks. A lot of people go to the Corporeal Beast, use their special attack and quickly teleport to their house to restore their special attack and prayer with their Restoration Pool / Ornate Pool. 

When you’re gonna head back to the Corporeal Beast, I highly recommend using the Games Necklace as they are very cheap.

If you and your friends hit very good damage to the Corporeal Beast with your special attack, you should stay and try to finish it.

When fighting the Corporeal Beast, I recommend having a minimum of:

  • Level-90 Hitpoints
  • Level-90 Attack
  • Level-90 Strength
  • Level-90 Defence
  • Level-70 Prayer

When it comes to supplies, I would recommend bringing the following:

  • 5 Cooked Karambwan (Used as combo food)
  • 16 Angler Fish
  • 3 Super Restores
  • 1 Super Combat Potion
  • House Teleports
  • Games of Necklace
  • 1-2 inventory spaces for Special Attack Weapons

Recommended Melee Gear

  • Helmet: Neitiznot Faceguard / Serpentine Helm 
  • Amulet: Amulet of Torture / Amulet of Fury
  • Weapon: Zamorakian Spear / Futhan’s Warspear / Crystal Halberd or Dragon Claws as Special Attack weapon
  • Armour: Karil’s Leathertop and skirt / 3rd Age Range top and legs
  • Cape: Infernal Cape / Fire Cape
  • Gloves: Ferocious Gloves / Barrows Gloves 
  • Ring: Berserker Ring (i) / Brimstone Ring
  • Boots: Primordial Boots / Dragon Boots

When you fight the Corporeal Beast together with a team, there will always have to be only one player at the time attacking the Corporeal Beast, otherwise, he will reset his Hitpoints. 

While you’re fighting the monster, he will spawn the Dark Energy Core which is very annoying since it jumps on the player’s heads and steals players Hitpoints and gives it to the Corporeal Beast. 

Although there’s a  way to avoid the annoying Dark Energy Core. If you’re running away from it by stepping 2 squares each time, in that way he won’t be able to steal Hitpoints from you. You can of course kill the Dark Energy Core, but I wouldn’t recommend focus on fighting it.