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OSRS Cerberus Guide

Cerberus  is a Slayer Boss which means that you’ll only be able to kill it if you’ve been assigned Cerbarus as a Slayer Task. To be assigned Cerberus, you’ll need a minimum of Level-91 Slayer. Although if you’re assigned Hell Hounds, you will be able to fight the Cerberus since it counts as a Hellhound. 

You’ll find Cerberus deep inside of the Taverly Dungeon. If you’re Level-70 Agility, you’ll be able to use the pipe shortcut which you will immediately see when you’ve entered the dungeon. You’ll run through around the dungeon and bypass Black Demons, Poison Spiders and continue on to the Cavern Entrance where the Cerberus is located.

Prayers while fighting Cerberus

When you’re fighting Cerberus, you’ll mainly be using the Protect from Magic. The Cerberus might seem like a massive boss, but it actually has quite a bad Defence and is weak to Melee attacks.

She won’t only use Magic as an attack style tho, it’s common that the Cerberus will switch from Magic to Ranged or Melee, this requires you to be focused and change your prayers. 

When you’ve made the Cerberus Hitpoints go below 400, she will use different types of attack styles which you can predict. You can predict the upcoming attack style by looking at what color the soul has when it’s attacking you. There’s a total of three souls which will stand next to the Cerberus. 

  • The red soul indicates Melee
  • The green soul indicates Ranged
  • The blue soul indicates Magic

I would recommend having a minimum of:

  • Level-85 Attack
  • Level-85 Strength
  • Level-85 Defence
  • Level-75 Ranged (I wouldn’t recommend using Ranged)
  • Level-70 Prayer

Recommended Melee Gear

  • Helmet: Slayer Helmet (i) / Black Mask (i)
  • Amulet: Amulet of Torture / Amulet of Fury
  • Weapon: Scythe of Vitur / Inquisitor’s Mace
  • Armour: Inquisitor’s Hauberk / Bandos Chestplate / Inquisitor Plateskirt / Bandos Tasset
  • Prayer: Rada’s Blessing 4 / God Blessing
  • Ring: Berserker Ring (i) / Ring of Suffering (i)
  • Gloves: Ferocious Gloves / Barrow Gloves
  • Boots: Primordial Boots / Dragon Boots

Recommended Ranged Gear 

  • Helmet: Slayer Helmet (i) / Black Mask (i)
  • Amulet: Necklace of Anguish / Amulet of Fury
  • Cape: Ava’s Assembler / 99 Ranged Cape
  • Armour: Armadyl Chestplate / Blessed Body / Armadyl Chainskirt / Blessed Chaps
  • Weapon: Twisted Bow / Toxic Blowpipe
  • Prayer: Rada’s Blessing 4 / God Blessing
  • Boots: Pegasian Boots / Ranger Boots
  • Ring: Ring of Suffering (i) / Archers Ring (i)