Officially, RUNEGOLD is now DNDGOLD. Thank you for understanding.

Money Making Guide for new Ironman Accounts

Are you struggling with Gold on your Ironman Account that has relative low skills? Don’t worry, I’ll in today’s blog post cover some methods for low-level Ironman Accounts.

Thieving H.A.M Members


  • You’ll have to complete the following quests:
  • Death to The Dorgeshuun
  • Goblin Diplomacy
  • Lost Tribe
  • Minimum Level-20 Thieving
  • Nature Runes and a Staff of Fire
  • Minimum Level-21 Magic for Low-Level Alchemy, 55 Magic is highly recommended tho to be able to cast High-Level Alchemy
  • Food
  • Full H.A.M Outfit, not required but recommended since it will increase your success rate when thieving the H.A.M Members

You will enter the H.A.M Hideout which is located west of the General Store in Lumbridge. You can bring a picklock if you want to access faster since it boosts your chance of entering the trapdoor. If you don’t have one, you’ll eventually enter after a few tries depending on your Thieving level.

You’ll start to Pickpocket the H.A.M Members and are looking for the keys. You should drop what you get except for the keys since they’re the only ones worth anything. When you’ve collected a decent amount of keys, use it on the chest and you’ll have a chance of getting items like jewelry which is great to cast your Alch Spell on for a decent amount of GP.

Looting Steel Platelegs in The Wilderness

Looting Steel Platelegs is a great way getting a decent amount of GP on your fresh Ironman Account. Keep in mind that players can attack you in Wilderness, don’t bring anything you can’t afford to lose!

You’ll be running through Wilderness until you reach the Ruins in Level-24 Wilderness. You’ll find Steel Platelegs that spawn, for every time you collect a Steel Plateleg, change the world so you don’t need to wait for a new one to spawn. It will take a total of 15 minutes until a new Steel Plateleg spawns.

When you’ve collected a decent amount of Steel Platelegs, sell them to the General Store 

Mining Gem Rocks at Shilo Village


  • Complete the Shilo Village quest
  • Level-40 Mining
  • Level-43 Crafting
  • A Pickaxe
  • A Chisel

You’ll head to the Shilo Village and mine the Gem Rocks at the Mining Spot.

When your inventory is full of Uncut Gems, use your Chisel on them and make them into Gems.

When you’ve mined and crafted a decent amount of Gems, sell them to the jewelry store in Port-Sarim for a good amount of GP.