Officially, RUNEGOLD is now DNDGOLD. Thank you for understanding.

How to get a Bond as a F2P-Player

Tired of being in F2P-Worlds where 75% of the players are bots?

Don’t know how to get enough Gold for a Bond from the Grand Exchange? Don’t worry, in today’s post we will share some methods which can make you a decent amount of Gold.

Buying Small Fishing Nets at Port-Sarim

At Port-Sarim you’ll find a Fishing-Shop. You’ll be able to buy a Small Fishing Net from the fisherman Gerrard for 5 GP each. There’s 5 in each world so you’ll need to switch worlds every time you buy the Small Fishing Nets.You’ll be able to sell them at the Grand Exchange for approximately ~130 GP each.

I did this for one hour and managed to get 882 which made me a total of 114.660 GP in profit. It’s not the best but it’s one of the better F2P-methods especially since it has no requirements other than a very small amount of GP.

Buying Capes from Larry’s Shop in Wilderness.

You’ll be able to find Larry located at the Chaos Temple. He sells 5 different team-capes which can sell for quite a lot on the Grand Exchange! 

The reason why the capes can go for a lot higher than the buy price from Larry is because that there’s often teams who fight each other in the Wilderness and to keep track of what team the players belong to, they usually use the same cape.

Since the capes are only found in the shop located in Wilderness, there aren’t a lot of capes that are being sold in the market, making it possible to sell them for a decent amount of GP since the demand is higher than the supply. A lot of players are willing to pay a lot just to be able to get the cape for the upcoming fight in Wilderness.

Buying Empty Jugs at Lumbridge

At the General Store located outside of the Lumbridge Castle, you’ll find Empty Jug Packs being sold for 180 GP each. Every pack contains 100 Empty Jugs. You’ll find 5 Packs in every world so you’ll need to switch World every time you buy all of the packs from the General Store.

I did this for one hour which got me a total of 121.000 Empty Jugs. I sold them all for 4 GP each which made me a total profit of 266.200 GP including the gold I spent on the packs.

Crafting Emerald Necklace

This method requires you to be Level-29 Crafting which isn’t really a lot. You’ll be smithing Emerald Necklaces by using Gold Bars and Emeralds at the furnace located outside of the Edgeville Bank. You’ll also need a Necklace Mould which can be bought from the Grand Exchange.

As we speak, the total cost of a Gold Bar and an Emerald combined is 596 GP.

I did this for an hour and made a total of 1220 Emerald Necklaces. I sold them at the Grand Exchange for a total of 846,680 GP , which resulted in a profit of 119.590 GP. This is a decent way to earn some GP and get some Crafting experience meanwhile.

Emerald necklaces can be also sold to Grum which is located at the jewelry shop in Port-Sarim. If there’s no Emerald Necklaces in the stock, he will buy them for 997 GP each. Keep in mind tho that there’s usually a lot in stock due to bots selling jewelry in the shop. You can try to do it right after a system update has been done since it usually makes bot not logging in again for at least 30 Minutes.